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A delightful story of failure and redemption, geared towards anyone who has failed and sought redemption. If you don't like the first 45 seconds, there is a pretty big change-up after that, although you may well not like the new part either.

Title (and nothing else) from Motern Media's "The Killer Clown Came to Our Town" by The Guy Who Sings Songs About Cities & Towns off of the album "I've Never Left My Hometown."


The Killer Clown Came to Our Town

VERSES 1 & 2

Flubbo was a clown
Who wasn't much fun
He couldn't make people laugh
He couldn't sell a pun

He so wanted to spread
Joy and goodwill
But try as he might
He had no clowning skill

Then one fateful day 
At a fifth birthday bash
He thought a magic trick
Would make a big splash

He pulled a fish bowl
From the hat on his head
But all the kids screamed
'Cause the little fish was dead


[Hey, look, there's that fish killer now!]

Flubbo the killer clown
The clown who made children cry
It’s Flubbo the killer clown
He's the clown who made the laughter die

VERSES 3 & 4

Flubbo wandered town to town
No one would let him in
He couldn’t live down that poor fish

Every day he hoped anew
The he would find his place
Making people happy was his only wish

No one would give Flubbo a chance
But then he came to my town
And heard a pounding disco beat 

He was drawn into my club
Like it was calling out his name
The rhythm tugging at his feet

He'd never been out dancing so did
What came naturally
It always cheered him up to see
How silly he could be

Shuffling his big clown feet
And honking his red nose
Doing flips and pratfalls
He put on quite the show


[Hey, look, that guy's awesome!]

Flubbo the killer clown
His dancing really caught the eye
It’s Flubbo the killer clown
With killer moves so cool, you could just die


Now Flubbo is beloved 
By the hipster party crowd
They dig his zany moves
They sing his praises loud

We both know any day
A new hot fad may take his place
But Flubbo doesn’t care
“I’ve gained a lifelong love of bass”


And don't feel bad for the little fish
It seems he faked his own death so he'd be flushed and go free
Now he dances in the ocean blue
Grooving to the song of his big dolphin buddy


Flubbo the killer clown
He once made children cry
It’s Flubbo the killer clown
He's waved those days goodbye

[Let's all hear it for]

Flubbo the killer clown
His dancing really grabs the eye
He's Flubbo the killer clown
With killer moves so cool, you could just die


from I Came Up With Better Songs for Five Motern Media Titles, OK?, released June 11, 2017
Words / Music / Recording © 2016 The Other Strange Man / Odilon Green


all rights reserved



The Other Strange Man

I write songs inspired by Motern Media and the various artists who ascribe to the Motern philosophy.

I also have music on other subjects released under several other names.

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