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Inspired by @WwenneL, of the Bride of Chickenstein and Psychotronic Coast-to-Coast podcasts.



Way up in Green Mountain country
Where the trees define the land like the beard on a rugged man’s face
(You know, up where the lumberjacks dwell)
Lives a man who loves to watch movies
Owen is his name and he takes life in stride with good grace
(He’s a laid back one, that Owen)

One night as he sat himself down
To watch a brand new horror flick that was shot with more heart than bucks
(Those are the best)
He heard the scurrying of big heavy feet
And saw in the window a beast as big as a truck…
(Like a big ol’ monster truck… but covered in fur)


It was Bigfoot
It was Bigfoot
It was Bigfoot
It was Bigfoot

It was Bigfoot
In Owen’s yard
It was Bigfoot
It looked mean and hard
It was Bigfoot
But it seemed pretty meek
It was Bigfoot
When it started to speak


“Sorry to be a bother
But my feet are so sore from wandering through these woods
And I saw that you’re starting a movie
If it’s not an imposition I’d like to watch too if I could?

And the low budget films are my favorite
It’s fun to be immersed in the oddity on display
(Those are the best)
I’ve brought along some nuts and berries
I’m more than happy to share with you if I can stay
Please let me stay”


Bigfoot is a film fan
Bigfoot is a film fan
Bigfoot is a film fan
Bigfoot is a film fan

It was Bigfoot
Owen said “come in”
It was Bigfoot
Let the movies begin!
It was Bigfoot
They watched all night
It was Bigfoot
’Til the sun shone bright


[Dialog extract from classic monster movie]


Owen and Bigfoot
Owen and Bigfoot
Owen and Bigfoot
Are friends

Owen and Bigfoot
Launched a film festival
They’re buddies until
The end



all rights reserved



The Other Strange Man

I write songs inspired by Motern Media and the various artists who ascribe to the Motern philosophy.

I also have music on other subjects released under several other names.

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